Food Chain
Naam Food Chain
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By playing cards in Food Chain, players create natural food chains, hunting and eating in the forest and competing against one another for the best dishes. In game terms, each player holds four cards in hand, and four cards are placed in the middle of the table, which represents the forest. The card deck has twelve different types of animals/objects, in addition to special cards like the hunter, who can hunt any other card, and angry bees, which scare cards out of the forest. Players take turns in clockwise order and can choose one of five actions each turn: Hunt the food to create natural food chains Eat the food Leave the food Swap one card in hand for one in the forest Pass by discarding a card and drawing a new one The game ends when the deck runs out, and passing is the only option available to all players; alternatively, the game ends when one player has lost all of his tokens to opponents. All players then add up their points from the top-left corner of each card, and also each token scores one point. The player with the most points wins.
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