Small World 6 player board
Naam Small World 6 player board
  • Civilization
  • Expansion for Base-game
  • Fantasy
  • Territory Building
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  • Days of Wonder
Small World: 6 Player Board, an expansion for both Small World and Small World Underground, is designed for use with exactly six players, with players competing in three teams of two players. Players can discuss strategy (openly) with their teammate, but each player competes and takes all actions on his own: choosing new races, deciding where to attack and (most importantly) scoring. At the end of eight rounds, each team's score is equal to the team member with a lower score — and whichever team has the highest score wins. Small World: 6 Player Board features a double-sided game board with a surface landscape for use with Small World and an underground world for use with Small World Underground. The expansion includes one relic and four places — concepts introduced in Small World Underground — specially designed for team play, such as a tavern that lets you collect two coins and share them with anyone you want, a mirror that allows you to change powers with your teammate, and a boneyard that lets you protect all of one player's "in decline" troops from racial and special powers owned by opponents. And then there's the Golden Soapbar...
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