Sitting Ducks
Naam Sitting Ducks
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  • AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH
This is a remake of the 2005/2006 game Sitting Ducks (... Gallery in English). The flow of the game and the goal of the players stay the same: Keep at least one of your ducks alive longer than your opponents, while they swim on an idyllic pond and are an easy prey for ruthless hunters and the like. Major differences from the older game include: - Almost twice as many action cards (100 vs. 52) and lots of new action types, too, e.g.: a) Moby Duck: is placed in front of a player for one round. Only this player's ducks may be shot at in this round. b) Bird flu: kills all ducks on the pond at once. c) Frank-ent-stein (pun in German: Ente = duck): kill three adjacent ducks and bring one of your killed ducks back into play (built from the mortal remains of the former???) d) Featherbrain: played on another player with a duck in the crosshairs. If that player has a fire card, he has to shoot his own duck. e) Shot in the dark: Kills the topmost duck on the draw deck. f) etc. - There are three duckling cards shuffled together with the other ducks and the water cards. While one of them crosses the pond, no shooting is allowed (no violence in front of minors). Then, the duckling leaves the game. - The German version now also has a gameboard and cardboard crosshairs (just like the old American version) - The colors of the 6 duck families are completely new, so the game should be combinable with the old game for an up-to 12-player experience (not tested, nor recommended by the publisher)
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