Klussen met Koeien
Naam Klussen met Koeien
  • Animals
  • Card Game
  • Humor
  • Movies / TV / Radio theme
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  • The Game Master BV
"Klussen met Koeien" is a humoristic card game from The Game Master which is called "Handy Cows" in English. The game can roughly be translated as "Renovating with cows" or "Total Make over". Just like the earlier "Koe zoekt Boer" (Happy Cows) it is inspired on realty TV shows. In this game the inspiration is found with Home Make-over programs. The cows have big plans with the farm. Bertha, Gretha, Johanna, Jacoba en Klara search the best bulls who have the best tools to do the job. Of course the girls like a bull with heavy tools. But the bulls are nowhere in sight when the heavy works begins. It's time to search for the bulls to get them in action. In this game you are the foreman who has to keep the bulls at work. Bulls with heavy tools give high victory points, but they have several weaknesses. Some of the bulls are not "doing it" in a safe way. Other bulls are lazy, hungry, noisy, bull shitters or not very smart or handy. The game works as a standalone but can be combined with "Koe zoekt Boer" (Happy Cows) and "Gooishe Koeien" (Trendy Cows). There also is a special card that is an expansion to "Koe zoekt Boer". This is the Power Bull, which allows you to take over a turn of another player. This way turning the nice teasing game Koe zoekt Boer in a really nasty party game.
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